Web Part Connections with QueryVision


SharePoint Web Parts can be connected together in to select and filter values from a Source/Provider web parts to Target/Consumer Web Parts. This is a standardized technology that allows Web Parts from Microsoft, QueryVision or other 3rd party Web Part suppliers to interconnect. There are different types of connections; for which QueryVision supports a Row Provider and Filter Provider connections.

Source/Provider parts:

How to connect web parts together in SharePoint

To connect web parts, simply click on the Page Tab and then Edit Page.


Next, select the Connections option in the menu on the tYou will then have a Connection menu option in the Modify Web Part menu for any web part that is “connect-able”.


The list of possible connections that fly out from the right hand side of the Connections menu item will depend on the other web parts on the page and if the connection type is compatible (e.g. filter connection or data row connection)

Note: only users who have been granted rights to connect web parts to be able to achieve this. Please see your SharePoint Administration documentation for more information about connections.

Connecting the Content Manager Browser to the Report Viewer

The Report Viewer Web Part has a property named Report Path. This property stores the IBM Cognos Content Store’s unique search path for the Report.

If the Report Viewer is used without connecting to a Content Manager Browser, then when it is configured, the Report Path must be specified. This can be done by cut/paste from values for the Report Properties in Cognos Connection. Or it can be done by navigating to a report via the (…) button beside the report path (see the Report Viewer Web Part for more details).

If the Content Manager Browser is connected to a Report Viewer, then the Report Displayed depends on the following:

  • Report Viewer/Report Path Defined – The Report Path will provide a default report that is run/displayed on first access to the SharePoint page. If a different report (or other Cognos content type) is selected in the Content Manager Browser, then the Report Viewer will then display that Report.

On initial SharePoint page view:


After report selected in Content Manager Browser:

  • Report Viewer/Report Path non-defined – No report or report output will be displayed until the user selects a report (or other Cognos content type) in the Content Manager Browser.

On initial SharePoint page view:


After report selected in Content Manager Browser:

Connecting Filters to the Report Viewer

See Filters and the Report Viewer