Content Explorer (Tree)

Adding Content Explorer to a Page

You can add a web part to a SharePoint page directly from your browser. If you don’t have the correct permissions some of these steps might not be possible.

  • Click the “Edit Page” button from the SharePoint Page ribbon.
  • Then click the “Add a Web Part” link and a gallery of web parts will be listed under the Categories section.
  • Choose the QueryVision Web Parts category and you will find a list of all web parts for Cognos.
  • Select the web part and the location you want to insert it on the page

Properties and options when in “Edit Web Part” mode

Enabling/Disabling Public and My Folders

Checking “Display Public Folder” option in order to display the Cognos Public Folder on the web part
Checking “My Folders” will display the “My Folders” root folder for the currently logged in user.

Configuring a Custom Folder as a Root Folder

To display a custom folder as the root folder, simply click in the Custom Folder text box and then click the “…” button.
A dialog box will then be displayed allowing you to browse and choose an appropriate folder to display.

Connecting To Web Part Consumers (Report Viewer)

You can connect this web part to the Report Viewer web part using the “Connections” menu when editing the web part properties.
Connecting this web part with the QueryVision Report Viewer Web Part will allow users to select content from the tree to by dynamically displayed within the QueryVision Report Viewer.

Security Trimmed Results

Results from this webpart are “security trimmed”. This means that all results displayed are in the context of the logged in user. Users will only see what they are supposed to see based on the permissions set on the Cognos server.