Integrate Cognos and SharePoint with QueryVision Web Parts

QueryVision Web Parts are the most comprehensive and powerful integration solution for SharePoint and Cognos.

Our web parts for IBM Cognos and Sharepoint are simple to install and deploy, offer a wide range of authentication options and enable you to build powerful dashboards as well as truly integrated applications.

Dashboards and reporting sites can be created easily with mixed content, shared prompts and filters that work across Cognos Reports and other data sources like Excel, SSRS, SSAS, and SharePoint Lists.
Download a free trial of our web parts and quickly discover for yourself how easily you can deploy Cognos reports and analytics to your Sharepoint users.

Installation and Deployment:

Installation and Deployment usually takes less than 15 minutes with our straightforward and simple installtion.  All of our application settings are consolidated into a single file which is placed on your SharePoint server.  Deployment is all handled through standard SharePoint administration, and there are NO architectural or topology changes required on your SharePoint server.

Even though we think it is simple, we recognize that issues come up.  If you ever have trouble installing or deploying our web parts, all you need to do is ask us and we will walk you through it.

Authentication and Security:

Single Signon (SSO), Challenge and Response (prompting for user credentials), Anonymous, and Unattended Service Accounts are all fully supported authentication options.  Each of these options can be configured and used either exclusively or at the same time to service different user groups, applications, or sites within your SharePoint farm.

As an example, you can have internal users setup to use Single Sign On while at the same time prompt external users outside your firewall for credentials (challenge / response).  Similarly you can allow external customers or partners access to a subset of IBM Cognos reports in a completely secure manner without ever giving out credentials (using a Service Account).

Navigation of Cognos Content within SharePoint

Navigation of Cognos Content within SharePoint

Simple Navigation of IBM Cognos Content within SharePoint:

Simple intuitive navigation, scalable & configurable.

Our navigation web part enables users to navigate through IBM Cognos directly from within SharePoint pages in a very intuitive and familiar windows explorer like interface.  The “load on demand” web part is highly scalable in that it loads new nodes only on demand and then caches them locally (using AJAX).  Users see a smooth and simple to use navigation experience that requires no training or explanation.

All IBM Cognos content is accessible including, reports, analysis reports, pagelets, report versions, and various output formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV etc).  At the same security is always respected to only show objects that a particular user has access to.

The navigation web part has a number of configurable options which allow IT or SharePoint developers to tailor what end users are able to see.

In addition you can “connect” the web part to our report viewer web part, which allows an end user to browse and execute reports within a single SharePoint page.

QueryVision Dashboard in SP 2010

Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards with Shared Prompts and Filters:

Our suite of web parts enables IT, SharePoint site authors and developers to create SharePoint sites and pages with embedded IBM Cognos reports that end-users can view and execute with no action other than by browsing to a SharePoint page.

SharePoint pages can hold a single report, multiple reports in a tabbed interface or as a dashboard.  Cognos reports and analytics can be mixed with data and content from other sources such as Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services, Analysis Services, SharePoint Lists or any other native SharePoint web part.

Filters and prompts can be configured using native SharePoint filter web parts.  This allows you to control all your content using a single prompt.  That means you can filter a Cognos Report and other content, like a SharePoint list at the same time!


We know life can be complicated so we try to keep things as simple as possible.
QueryVision supports every version of Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Cognos.

IBM Cognos 10.X, IBM Cognos Analytics 11
SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 & SharePoint 2016

Furthermore, we don’t bother trying to create difficult to remember upgrade paths for you to remember.  As long as you are our customer we will never charge you an upgrade fee.

Whether you are upgrading SharePoint or Cognos – we have you covered.

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