Using Microsoft Enterprise Mode for IBM Cognos, SharePoint and QueryVision

Microsoft released [Internet Explorer] “Enterprise Mode” in the spring of 2014 to provide Workstation Administrators with a central, comprehensive tool to manage compatibility mode for web sites in Internet Explorer 11.

This is fully supported by QueryVision with the following recommendations:

  • Use IE 11 – While MS Edge has tested well for ICA 11.X stand alone and in testing in SharePoint with QueryVision for Cognos/SharePoint integration, Edge is not officially supported by IBM Cognos
  • Recommended Enterprise Modes – any of the following can be used:
    • Default Mode
    • IE8 Enterprise Mode
    • IE 7 Enterprise Mode

This includes IBM Cognos 10.2.X, Analytics 11.X, SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 in any combination using QueryVision’s SharePoint Web Parts for IBM Cognos.

For more details, see Understanding Microsoft Enterprise Mode