Browser support for IBM Cognos 10

Last updated: Aug 2016

For current support, see QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Whats New and Supported Platforms

This article applies to support prior to QueryVision SharePoints for Web Parts for IBM Cognos V 2016.1 (Aug 2016)

Note: The focus here is on Desktop/Laptop (Windows or OS X) support. Support for mobile is touched on, but effectively Cognos does not support mobile browsers, encouraging use of their proprietary mobile apps. For a more in depth understanding, see the information sources listed at the end of this post.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are the two top supported browsers for IBM Cognos 10.1.0 through 10.2.2. While Chrome and Safari are supported, but largely in a viewer/consumer role.

In some cases, it is possible to execute a given Cognos Web Component (e.g. Metric Studio), that is not listed or listed as unsupported, but if it doesn’t work correctly, Cognos may choose not to support/rectify the problem. Increasingly with later versions of (e.g. 10.2.1 +), unsupported web components will be hidden in the Cognos Connection UI.

While Firefox is supported, it is restricted to ESR versions of the browser of which the only currently supported (as of Mar 2015) is ESR 31 as ESR 24 support was dropped in Oct 2014.

The recommendation is to use a version of Internet Explorer, which is dependent on SharePoint/Browser support tradeoffs and considerations for other web applications and general internet access.

Cognos and IE Compatibility mode

Cognos official documentation on the use of IE “compatibility mode” has changed over the last 18 months. 18 months ago, compatibility mode was listed as required for support across all versions of IE for all Cognos versions. 12 months ago, any references to compatibility mode were dropped. As of Mar 2015, only IE 10 and IE 11 are listed as requiring compatibility mode.

Based on QueryVision’s testing, we recommend that IE compatibility mode be enabled for Cognos websites for all versions of IE.

Cognos/Browser Support Matrix





Information Sources

Cognos support SW for browsers can be found here:

Note that the details of this site can change. If this is the case, do a web search on

  • IBM Cognos Supported Environments

Once at the site, select the Cognos Version of interest by the tab, then select Software


Then select the service pack level (e.g. is Cognos 10.2 Fix Pack 3) and supported software, then Web Browsers. Note that there is an option to download a PDF version.