Warning and tools for SSO support for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X

Discovered in our support of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.9 is a a buggy Microsoft IIS module to avoid and a tool to automate IIS configuration. Avoid Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) module 3.0.1988 To support the IIS configuration for Single Sign On/and or use of an IBM Cognos Gateway requires the addition of the IIS […]

IBM Cognos Analytics 11 – support from IBM for Web Parts/Portal Services

With the release of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X, IBM has dropped support for the use of portlets (Portal Services), including support for SharePoint integration. This can be confirmed by the fact that the  Supported Environments for ICA 11.X no longer includes a “Portal Servers” section under “Supported Software”. In addition, with ICA 11 has updated […]

Supporting Portal Pages/Tabs in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X

The IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) user interface and platform functionality were not designed with Portal Pages and Portal Tabs in mind. However, by using Reports with HTML items, the new UI “Extensions” capability and the “Legacy Portal” we can effectively emulate the Portal Page of IBM Cognos 10.X functionality in ICA 11.0.5+. This […]

Windows 10 access to Cognos

Summary In testing with the Windows 10 “[2016] Anniversary Update”,  QueryVision has  found that direct access to IBM Cognos (including IBM Cognos Analytics 11) or access via QueryVisions Web Parts for Cognos may be blocked for IE 11 without updating the new Group Policies for IE 11 introduced by the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” See:  […]

Internet Explorer, X-UA-compatible, SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and IBM Cognos – What You need to Know

Embedding Cognos content in SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 is simple, right? Just embed a URL link to the Cognos report in a SharePoint Page Viewer Web Part. What could be easier? Putting aside the complexities of authentication and security, navigation, rendering of the many different Cognos content types, etc, etc. that QueryVision’s SharePoint Web […]

Browser support for IBM Cognos 10

Last updated: Aug 2016 For current support, see QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Whats New and Supported Platforms This article applies to support prior to QueryVision SharePoints for Web Parts for IBM Cognos V 2016.1 (Aug 2016) Note: The focus here is on Desktop/Laptop (Windows or OS X) support. Support for mobile is […]

IBM Cognos content database (Derby) could not be started

If you use the IBM Derby (default) database as the Cognos Content database (e.g. for development, testing or demos), recent Fix Packs may result in a failure to connect on starting. This most recently was observed for Cognos 10.2.1 FP6 There are a couple of TechNotes on the issue: Unable to start the IBM Cognos […]

Custom Cognos URL support and Cross Site Scripting

QueryVision now supports the option for XSS checking in Cognos. This particular feature is used in highly secured intranet environments. However, getting this to work with external applications can be difficult. We will show you here how you can get this working with your applications when you run into URL rejection errors. One of our […]

Cognos Metrics with QueryVision Web Parts

There are several options for exposing  metrics (metrics studio, watchlist, diagrams, …) through the QueryVision Cognos Components Web Part. The first step is to set up a portal page/portlet in Cognos Connection, the second is to expose it in SharePoint via the QueryVision Cognos Components Web Part. In Cognos connection, use an existing portal page […]

Bursting for Multi-Dimensional & mixed Multi-D/Relational Reports

Techniques for Bursting Cognos Reports: For Cognos, bursting and multi-dimensional data sources (OLAP sources or multi-dimensional models built with Framework Manger) need to leverage some additional techniques. This includes master/detail reports that involve multi-dimensional data sources, whether purely multi-dimensional or a combination of multi-dimesional and relational sources. One key issue is linking the burst key […]