Automating ICA 11.X configuration for IIS

Summary For IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) use with Gateways and for Single Sign On support requires much more sophisticated use of IIS configuration than past releases. IBM has also been evolving the recommended configuration settings each few releases, requiring a review by ICA 11 Administrators with each update. Fortunately IBM has started releasing […]

Install or Update the IIS Application Request Routing module

Summary Based on our experience, install the “Application Request Routing” (ARR) module manually via the “IExpress” vs. WPI method. If using a VM, it’s recommended to do a snapshot before uninstalling or updating. In more depth… IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) requires url rewrite and reverse proxy features when configured with a Gateway with […]

Understanding Microsoft Enterprise Mode

Introduced in the spring of 2014, “Enterprise Mode” was released as an Internet Explorer 11 update for Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008+ to provide an enhanced, comprehensive, centrally controllable way for organizations to control the compatibility behavior or IE 11 for Windows 7/8.1 and IE11 and Edge for Windows 10. The configuration options the […]

How to: Supporting Portal Pages and Portal Tabs in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X

The IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) user interface and platform functionality were not designed with Portal Pages and Portal Tabs in mind. However, by using Reports with HTML items, the new UI “Extensions” capability and the “Legacy Portal” we can effectively emulate the Portal Page of IBM Cognos 10.X functionality in ICA 11.0.5+. The […]

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 – solution for reports blocked in iframes

With the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 release, if IBM Cognos content (reports, analysis studio, portal pages) is embedded in an application using an iframe, then a new feature blocks rendering. Note: This feature/issue was removed in 11.0.5. The outbound IIS UrlRewrite defined here can be removed. But for those who are using 11.0.4 with QueryVision’s […]

Why you should consider the IBM Cognos Analytics 11 Legacy Portal

The Analytics 11 UI/Portal is a new platform with very rich capabilities which IBM has stated will be rolled out incrementally via it’s quarterly updates (11.0.1/.2/.3/.4/…). And that some features from 10.x Cognos Connection have not yet been carried forward to the new platform and some have been dropped completely – to be replaced at […]

Embedding IBM Cognos Analytics 11 in SharePoint

Last updated: 18-Jan-2017 for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 This Knowledge Base Article is part of our on-going capture of what is new and different about IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11). The “document mode” issue discussed in this blog is solved in QueryVision SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos V 2016.1 which was released on Aug […]

IBM Cognos Analytics – Reports – default action

In IBM Cognos 8.x/10.x Report Authors the option/property “default action” had the choices of “View the most recent output”, “Run Report” or “Open with Editor”. Feeback from QueryVision customers and Cognos customers in general is that the “Run the Report” option is heavily used. For IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) the new portal/UI the […]

QueryVision Guide to Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos Analytics 11

The following are issues, tips and tricks that QueryVision encountered when planning, installing, configuring and working with IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11): A Gateway is now optional, but required for SSO with IIS and for integration with 3rd party (web) applications such as SharePoint: The Gateway configuration for SSO with IIS requires a reverse […]