Report performance upgrade – control Report Parameter requests

A new parameter “GetParamSpecOption” has been added to the QvtDynConfig.XML configuration file to control the use of retrieving report parameter specifications at run time as a performance enhancement. 

The QvtDynConfig.xml file is shipped with release after 2019.2.0.0 with GetParamSpecOption = do_not_get

To support connecting the QueryVision Report Viewer Web Part to SharePoint filters, the Report Viewer will request the parameter specifications and values for the report from the IBM Cognos server.

This can be a time consuming request – made by the QueryVision via an SDK call from SharePoint server to the Cognos BI server – the length of which is somewhat related to the complexity of the report specification.

This has been shown to result in additional load on the Cognos server and intermittent execution failures on user request to run reports in SharePoint with the QueryVision Web Parts, particularly on Cognos Server installations under a heavy reporting load.

The solution is to provide the Cognos Administrator control over when the parameters and specifications are requested – with the recommended approach to only request them while the Report Viewer is in editor mode.

Important Note: The Report Viewer currently requests “parameter specs and values” for ALL reports, regardless of whether they have report (prompt) parameters or whether the Report Viewer Web Part is connected to a Filter Web Part or not.

For details see: QueryVision Web Parts – Report parameter update control with QvtDynConfig,xml