Report performance upgrade – control Report Parameter requests

A new parameter “GetParamSpecOption” has been added to the QvtDynConfig.XML configuration file to control the use of retrieving report parameter specifications at run time as a performance enhancement.  The QvtDynConfig.xml file is shipped with release after 2019.2.0.0 with GetParamSpecOption = do_not_get To support connecting the QueryVision Report Viewer Web Part to SharePoint filters, the Report […]

Support for SSO for public internet access – SSONRD for HTM

In configuring for access for external access to Cognos via a public internet facing SharePoint configuration, it was discovered that the SSO workflow was blocked as the external firewall did not allow web page access to one of the key web pages in the workflow – ssonrd.jsp. The reason is that the external firewall would […]

SharePoint 2016 changes impacting QueryVision Web Parts

Overview From the perspective of “full trust” SharePoint Web Parts (vs. Apps) there are no required changes for SharePoint 2016 vs. SharePoint 2013, but there are some key points to be aware of: The default SharePoint 2016 Master Pages have changed how they set the document mode. SharePoint 2016 is currently only compatible with Windows […]

QueryVision Report Viewer Autosizing – Introduction & Resources

At first glance, embedding IBM Cognos content in a web application appears simple; just get the default action URL for a report and drop it in an iframe – right? In practice, it’s not that simple.  A potentially time consuming task is setting the position, height and width of the allocated space on the web […]

Drop Down (SharePoint) List Filter Provider Web Part

Overview The Drop Down SharePoint List Provider uses a (new or existing SharePoint) list to provide a filter value for Cognos reports via the QueryVision Report Viewer or to Microsoft or other 3rd party web parts Configuration Adding the SharePoint List Drop Down Filter Web Part to a Page You can add a web part […]

Web Part Connections with QueryVision

Overview SharePoint Web Parts can be connected together in to select and filter values from a Source/Provider web parts to Target/Consumer Web Parts. This is a standardized technology that allows Web Parts from Microsoft, QueryVision or other 3rd party Web Part suppliers to interconnect. There are different types of connections; for which QueryVision supports a […]

Cognos Report Drop Down List Filter Provider

Overview The Cognos Report filter uses a Cognos report to provide values for filtering other Cognos Reports (in a QueryVision Report Viewer) or other SharePoint web parts (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet). Some key points to understand: The filter web part will use the credentials/user id of the user logged into Cognos/SharePoint as the user used […]

Cognos Components Viewer WebPart

Overview The Cognos Components Viewer Web Part provides web part/page authors with the ability to embed the following IBM Cognos 10.X Cognos Connection or the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X components in SharePoint pages. This is a quick start. For in-depth information see the full Installation and Configuration Guide IBM Cognos 10.X Due to Browser rendering […]

Favorites WebPart – Tabbed Dashboard Viewer

Overview The QueryVision Favorites WebPart Viewer provides Application Authors a way of creating a tabbed dashboard of Reports and other Cognos Content. Unlike the Cognos Multi-Page portlet component supported by the Cognos SharePoint Web Parts, the QueryVision Favorites Viewer can include Business Insight [Dashboards], Portal Pages, etc. However, as the intent of the favorites report […]

Report Viewer

Overview This is “getting started” guide to the Report Viewer web part. For in-depth information see the full Installation and Configuration Guide and for in depth control over report height, width and the amount of space available on SharePoint Pages see Autosizing Adding the Report Viewer to a Page You can add a web part […]