QueryVision Webparts – supported SharePoint/Cognos/Browser configurations

Last updated: Aug 2016

For current support, see QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Whats New and Supported Platforms

This article applies to support prior to QueryVision SharePoints for Web Parts for IBM Cognos V 2016.1 (Aug 2016)

QueryVision supports Cognos 10.1 FP1 through Cognos 10.2.2 (latest FP) for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 for Desktop access (Windows and OS X)

Internet Explorer 8 through 11 is recommended, with both the SharePoint and Cognos web sites included in the IE “compatibility” list either automatically via Global Policies, the default (Display intranet sites in Compatibility View) or the users adding these sites to the compatibility website list.

Firefox is also supported, but is restricted to ESR versions, with ESR 31 the only supported version as of Mar 2015.

Chrome and Safari are supported, but are restricted by Cognos support to Cognos Connection, viewing report outputs and access to Report Studio – effectively a Reader/Consumer role.

The QueryVision Cognos Component web part is disabled for Cognos 10.2.0 and earlier due to rendering and functionality issues in SharePoint 2013 across all IE versions. For Cognos 10.2.1 and higher there are some cosmetic rendering issues in IE which can be hidden via web part options.

Warning: Cognos Technote 1672432 recommends setting compatibility mode by configuring IIS or Apache to set the X-UA-COMPATIBILITY mode for Cognos URLs to IE=EmulateIE7 mode. This may cause problems when accessing Cognos via SharePoint 2013 as it expects to set X-UA-COMPATIBILITY mode to IE=10.

For indepth background information, please see the following: