QueryVision SharePoint Display options for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X Dashboards and Interactive Reports

Seamlessly embedded Cognos Analytics in SharePoint applications More is more – maximize the screen size of Cognos Content Less is more – don’t require users to be trained on 11.X Overview QueryVision’s Cognos Component SharePoint web part offers options on showing and hiding IBM Cognos Analytics UI Navigation bar (left side bar) Application bar (top […]

IBM Analytics 11.X Report URLs – they are a changing…

Users who bookmark ICA 11.X interactive reports and dashboards may find they are broken in newer 11.X releases Web/App Developers – Use “Share” links or embed code  + IBM extensions vs the URL formats ICA 11 puts in the Browser Address bar/field (URL) to run “interactive” Reports and Analytics 11 Dashboards in web applications Why […]

Warning and tools for SSO support for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X

Discovered in our support of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.9 is a a buggy Microsoft IIS module to avoid and a tool to automate IIS configuration. Avoid Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) module 3.0.1988 To support the IIS configuration for Single Sign On/and or use of an IBM Cognos Gateway requires the addition of the IIS […]

IBM Cognos Analytics 11 – support from IBM for Web Parts/Portal Services

With the release of IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X, IBM has dropped support for the use of portlets (Portal Services), including support for SharePoint integration. This can be confirmed by the fact that the  Supported Environments for ICA 11.X no longer includes a “Portal Servers” section under “Supported Software”. In addition, with ICA 11 has updated […]

Using Microsoft Enterprise Mode for IBM Cognos, SharePoint and QueryVision

Microsoft released [Internet Explorer] “Enterprise Mode” in the spring of 2014 to provide Workstation Administrators with a central, comprehensive tool to manage compatibility mode for web sites in Internet Explorer 11. This is fully supported by QueryVision with the following recommendations: Use IE 11 – While MS Edge has tested well for ICA 11.X stand […]

Supporting Portal Pages/Tabs in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.X

The IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11) user interface and platform functionality were not designed with Portal Pages and Portal Tabs in mind. However, by using Reports with HTML items, the new UI “Extensions” capability and the “Legacy Portal” we can effectively emulate the Portal Page of IBM Cognos 10.X functionality in ICA 11.0.5+. This […]

Integrating IBM Cognos Analytics 11 with SharePoint 2013 & 2016

QueryVision’s 2016.1 version of SharePoint Web Parts for IBM Cognos adds support for IBM Cognos Analytics 11 on SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, in addition to continued support for all IBM supported versions of IBM Cognos 10. For more information: Video: Announcing 2016.1 QueryVision SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos What’s New for 2016 Embedding IBM […]

Windows 10 access to Cognos

Summary In testing with the Windows 10 “[2016] Anniversary Update”,  QueryVision has  found that direct access to IBM Cognos (including IBM Cognos Analytics 11) or access via QueryVisions Web Parts for Cognos may be blocked for IE 11 without updating the new Group Policies for IE 11 introduced by the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” See:  […]

Service Accounts Simplify Cognos Authentication for SharePoint

A Service Account allows a SharePoint site or sub-site displaying one or more Cognos based dashboards or reports to use a single Cognos account to transparently authenticate for all users. This can be useful in several scenarios: Unrestricted Public site – users can access all content, including Cognos “Registered” Public site – users have to […]

Understanding Internet Explorer “Compatibility” modes

Last Updated: 18-Jan-2017 This information still applies as as background information, but IE 11’s “Enterprise Mode”, Windows 10 and the addition of Windows Edge has added to this story. For more details see TBD With IE 8, Microsoft introduced compatibility options to allow IE to act as if it were IE7 to allow users to […]