What’s New in QueryVision Web Parts release 2.1

The focus for QueryVision’s latest release of QueryVision SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos (2.1) was Cognos 10 and SharePoint 2010, but lots of other features were added or upgraded:

         All features supported for both SharePoint 2007 & 2010

         Support for Cognos 10 (in addition to 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.4.1) from a single installation

         New Cognos 10 object/document types, plus improved support for existing Cognos document types

o   Business Insight (dashboard)

o   Interactive Reports

o   Cognos Office Documents

o   News Items

         Report parameters supplied by standard and custom SharePoint Filter Web Parts

         New Cognos Component Web Part – provide controlled views into Cognos Connection with customizable presentation

o   (individual) Portal Pages

  Compact, topic specific folders.

  Metrics studio components


o   Public Folders, Specific Folder, My Folders

o   My Watchlist

o   My Inbox

o   Full Text and fields search (formerly GO! Search)

o   Name and Description Search

         Improved Security and Authentication support

o   Improved SSL/HTTPS (Cognos 10 upgraded their cipher suites for HTTPS encryption)

o   Connectivity diagnostics

o   New Service Account Authentication Web Part (SSO for users using an admin selected set of Cognos credentials)

         Additional Authoring and Viewing choices

o   PowerPlay 8 Studio

o   Business Insight Advanced

o   Business Insight Dashboard

o   Author Suite options based on user capabilities (e.g. PP8 can be authored in PP8, Analysis, Report Studio and Business Insight Advanced)

o   All Cognos output types (e.g. all forms of Excel + PDF, etc.)

o   Interactive option for viewing in the associated Studio in the Report Viewer (e.g. Query, Analysis, PP8) as default action