What’s New in QueryVision Web Parts release 2.1

The focus for QueryVision’s latest release of QueryVision SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos (2.1) was Cognos 10 and SharePoint 2010, but lots of other features were added or upgraded:          All features supported for both SharePoint 2007 & 2010          Support for Cognos 10 (in addition to 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.4.1) from a single installation […]

Cognos Reports Within SharePoint, Accessed on a Single SharePoint Page

Connecting our web parts together enables users to navigate through ALL of your Cognos content without ever leaving a single SharePoint page. Getting this going is actually very simple.  But first let me briefly explain what connected web parts are…. Within SharePoint when you have two or more web parts on a page they potentially […]

Showing and Hiding Reports & Other Cognos Objects – Part 1

In ensuring that our web parts, in particular our Navigation Web Part, only show those folders, packages, reports and other Cognos object types that a user is permitted to see, we have had to fully understand all the options available for Cognos Adminstrators in Cognos Connection. Why that is hard for Solution Providers like QueryVision […]

Getting Started with QueryVision Web Parts for Cognos

This article focuses on setting up our SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos integration. After running through our installation and deployment for QueryVision Web Parts you are well on your way to having Cognos integrated directly into SharePoint.  If you have not installed and deployed your web parts yet make sure you read through the install […]

Installation and Deployment of QueryVision Webparts

Notes: The latest version PDF version of the installation guide can be found here: QueryVision Web Parts Installation Guide This article provides a basic installation guide. For a more complete description, including the various authentication options or for specifics for IBM Cognos Analytics 11+  – see the PDF guide Integrating Cognos and SharePoint does not […]