QueryVision Guide to Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos Analytics 11

The following are issues, tips and tricks that QueryVision encountered when planning, installing, configuring and working with IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11):

  • A Gateway is now optional, but required for SSO with IIS and for integration with 3rd party (web) applications such as SharePoint:
    • The Gateway configuration for SSO with IIS requires a reverse proxy. This also requires a specific URL for SSO vs. Challenge/Response logon. We provide pointers to online documentation on the SSO install/config,
      plus additional tips and tricks related to Gateway changes
  • The installation options have changed including a Ready to Run! fully operational option which includes a web server, CM database and authentication server.
    • To use the Gateway requires the custom option which no longer supports a “in the box” database for Content Manager
  • New Installer
    • Fix Packs are no longer used, the new installer will install an update or full install.
    • As of July 2016, IBM is not providing a public/online release schedule for updated versions of ICA 11. Subscribe to IBM My Notifications for announcements on when releases and updates occur (https://www.ibm.com/support/mynotifications)
    • Updating an existing ICA 11 installation may remove customer added  folders or files or modified files anywhere under the base installation folder.  It is highly recommended to do a backup of your existing installation for post update comparison to restore and/or update folders or files.
  • Legacy Clients – Analysis Studio, etc. are still available and are enabled with the “Custom” install option, but disabled with the “Read to Run!” option. We provide links on how to enable/disable
  • Legacy Portal – access to the 10.X Cognos Connection portal is still available via a different URL. We provide links on how to enable or disable the Legacy Portal.
  • Integration with PowerPlay (IC 10.2.2 release) – installation and configuration of PowerPlay server (10.2.2) to work with ICA 11 requires a specialized workflow compared with IBM Cognos BI 10.2.2. Existing Technotes and installation information may be missing some critical steps and configuration updates.
  • Changes on Multi-Server Installation – The workflow for expanding a single server ICA 11 installation, the integration of PowerPlay or a new multi-server installation have some critical steps which are new for ICA 11. Existing Technotes and installation information may be ambiguous.
  • While the SDKs provided with ICA 11 are labelled as 10.2.2 they have actually been updated for ICA 11 with additional classes and properties for existing classes. New APIs and other major changes will be in a later release
  • Useful links – other ICA 11 information we found useful

For all the details, view or download the following:

QueryVision Guide to Installing and Configuring Cognos Analytics 11