SharePoint 2016 changes impacting QueryVision Web Parts

Overview From the perspective of “full trust” SharePoint Web Parts (vs. Apps) there are no required changes for SharePoint 2016 vs. SharePoint 2013, but there are some key points to be aware of: The default SharePoint 2016 Master Pages have changed how they set the document mode. SharePoint 2016 is currently only compatible with Windows […]

QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Guide to Documentation

QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Guide to Documentation Description: The PDF version of this document QueryVision Web Parts Installation Guide Description: Installation and Configuration guide for the web parts QueryVision SSO Dynamic Trusted Sign On Provider Guide Description: Details on installing and configuring the Trusted Sign on Provider required for the SSO Dynamic […]

QueryVision Guide to Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos Analytics 11

The following are issues, tips and tricks that QueryVision encountered when planning, installing, configuring and working with IBM Cognos Analytics 11 (ICA 11): A Gateway is now optional, but required for SSO with IIS and for integration with 3rd party (web) applications such as SharePoint: The Gateway configuration for SSO with IIS requires a reverse […]

Web Part Licensing

License Duration QueryVision Web Parts need a license in order to operate. This can be one of the following types: Trial License– permits operation for a limited (e.g. 30 days) period Subscription License – functionally the same as the Trial license, but for a longer period (e.g. 12 months) with automatic renewal with a continued […]

Cognos Maintenance Mode & Server Unavailable Configuration

If a Cognos server is down for planned maintenance or is offline when the user logs in or fails while the user(s) are logged in, users may be presented with highly technical error messages or unexpected behavior by the QueryVision’s Web Parts. To improve the user experience, including better informing them of the SharePoint/QueryVision/Cognos status, […]

Supported Platforms

For supported platforms, see QueryVision Web Parts for IBM Cognos – Whats New and Supported Platforms

Policy Permissions On SharePoint 2010

What is CAS? Code Access Security controls the permissions for assemblies within a given Web Application (in this case in SharePoint 2010). For SharePoint 2010, QueryVision Web Parts are deployed to the /bin directory within a given web application. The QueryVision Assemblies need to be granted permission to run. This is not relevant for SharePoint […]

Installation and Deployment of QueryVision Webparts

Notes: For in-depth information on installation and configuration, including IBM Cognos Analytics 11+ see: QueryVision Web Parts Installation Guide Integrating Cognos and SharePoint does not take very long with QueryVision Web Parts. The installation and deployment process can be done in less than 15 minutes. Quite frankly reading the documentation and gathering the information you […]