Support for SSO for public internet access – SSONRD for HTM

In configuring for access for external access to Cognos via a public internet facing SharePoint configuration, it was discovered that the SSO workflow was blocked as the external firewall did not allow web page access to one of the key web pages in the workflow – ssonrd.jsp.

The reason is that the external firewall would block an external user’s browser access to the p2pd folder location (example web page URL for the ssonrd.jsp page:


The solution was to move the page to a location which the user was already configured to access, such as the following:


However, on a Cognos server, JSP pages are restricted to being able to execute within the Tomcat/WebShere Liberty Profile Java Application Server folders. This does not include the desired target folder location.

This required translating the Java Server Page to HTML and JavaScript in a .HTM file

For details, see the following installation and configuration manual

QueryVision Web Parts SSONRD HTM for Single Sign On

For the ssonrd.htm file(s), please contact QueryVision at