Recommended – put Authentication Web Parts on a Separate Web Page

Overview While it is possible to put any of the QueryVision Authentication Web Parts on the same web part page as a QueryVision Report Viewer or other QueryVision IBM Cognos “content” web part, the recommended solution is to: Set up QueryVision Authentication web parts as the only part on a separate web part page, configured […]

Support for SSO for public internet access – SSONRD for HTM

In configuring for access for external access to Cognos via a public internet facing SharePoint configuration, it was discovered that the SSO workflow was blocked as the external firewall did not allow web page access to one of the key web pages in the workflow – ssonrd.jsp. The reason is that the external firewall would […]

Single Sign On In Depth

Single Sign On Workflow There are two variations on the SSO workflow, shown (in simplified form) to identifies the components, plus their role and location in the sequence. Non-SSO Dynamic Modes For all SSO modes except SSO Dynamic, the following is the (simplified) workflow: 1. The user either goes to the SharePoint web page with […]

Single Sign On in Complex Network Environments

From a network configuration perspective SharePoint and Cognos solutions can be complex as both each of SharePoint and Cognos can consist of multiple servers, a mix of http and https, firewalls, load-banacing (software and hardware). QueryVision provides the following advanced techniques for these environments: Managing URL re-writes in the Single Sign On workflow Multiple SharePoint […]

Claims Based Authentication

QueryVision fully supports Claims Based Authentication (CBA), and will enable users to authenticate using our SSO Web Part between SharePoint and Cognos. Both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 are fully supported for all versions of Cognos (8.4-10.x) To set up CBA with QueryVision, you need to configure authentication to use the “SSO Dynamic” option. There […]

Single Signon Setup Instructions

Set up Cognos 10.x/11.x as Single Sign On SSO from SharePoint to Cognos requires that Cognos must be configured with an Authentication Namespace with Single Signon enabled. In other words, users should not be challenged for credentials when they use a browser to go directly to Cognos Connection. This requires changes to the Authentication options. […]

Service Account Authentication Web Part

Overview For some applications, such as external user access, it is desirable to use a single user id to log into Cognos, without disclosing the user id and password to users. This can be achieved using Service Account Authentication. The QueryVision Service Account Authentication web part acts like a combination of the Single Sign on […]

Authentication Overview

Authentication Integration Overview QueryVision offers many different Authentication options for Cognos and SharePoint. The following is a quick overview of the different options available. Details for setting up each option can be found as separate articles. If you are unsure whether what you are trying to achieve is listed here you are always better off […]

Challenge and Response Authentication

Introduction The Challenge and Response web part enables authentication to Cognos by prompting / “challenging” ¬†users for their credentials (userid, password and Cognos Namespace). Application Configuration¬†Settings As with general installation and configuration, you must configure the Cognos instance that you would like to connect to within your “QVTConfig.xml” file. You should refer to the full […]