How To Setup Cognos Dashboard with Shared Prompts in SharePoint

One of the hidden gems of the QueryVision Report Viewer Web Part is that it has the ability to receive parameters and prompts that in turn drive filters in your Cognos Reports.  This enables you to quickly setup a Cognos Dashboard directly within SharePoint using Cognos content as well as other data sources. This is […]

Printing and Saving Business Insight Dashboards

A core feature of Cognos has always been the ability to save and print the result of a Report, Query, Analysis or other Cognos BI component. For most of these components the option is either in the run options or in the report viewer with the “view in” drop-down . Where a print/save option is […]

Showing and Hiding Reports – Part 2 – including and excluding tabs

  In Part 1, we talked about use of system.xml files, permissions and the various hide/show options for controlling what individual users and groups see both in Cognos Connection and in QueryVisions’ Web parts. In Part 2, we  look at controlling access to Portal Tabs, including Public Folders and the users My Folders. Controlling what […]

Optimizing Cognos Dashboards

  Cognos 8.4.1 GO! Dashboards and Cognos 10 Business Insight [Dashboards] provide user pleasing visual Business Intelligence with a user interface that almost any BI consumer can navigate or use to build or change to their requirements. While this appeals enormously to our clients, a few have expressed concerns over the response time, particularly if […]