QueryVision Report Viewer Autosizing – Quick Start

Note: While some snippets of JavaScript and HTML are included in this KB article, a more comprehensive set of snippets and example IBM Cognos reports configured for Autosizing are included in the Autosizing Samples file. In addition full information on Autosizing can be found in the QueryVision Report AutoSizing Guide QueryVision’s Autosizing capabilities require embedding […]

QueryVision Report Viewer Autosizing – Introduction & Resources

At first glance, embedding IBM Cognos content in a web application appears simple; just get the default action URL for a report and drop it in an iframe – right? In practice, it’s not that simple.  A potentially time consuming task is setting the position, height and width of the allocated space on the web […]

Getting Started

This article focuses on setting up our SharePoint Web Parts for Cognos integration. After running through our installation and deployment for QueryVision Web Parts you are well on your way to having Cognos integrated directly into SharePoint. If you have not installed and deployed your web parts yet make sure you read through the install […]

Filter Cognos Reports using SharePoint data

Overview SharePoint data can drive Cognos reports through connecting SharePoint “Filter Provider” web parts to the QueryVision Report Viewer QueryVision’s Report Viewer web part can be connected to Microsoft supplied and custom “Filter Provider” web parts including the QueryVision Cognos Report Drop Down List Filter Provider and SharePoint List Drop Down Filter Provider. In SharePoint […]

Web Part Connections with QueryVision

Overview SharePoint Web Parts can be connected together in to select and filter values from a Source/Provider web parts to Target/Consumer Web Parts. This is a standardized technology that allows Web Parts from Microsoft, QueryVision or other 3rd party Web Part suppliers to interconnect. There are different types of connections; for which QueryVision supports a […]